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Below  is a list of what I stand for as a peaceful human being, American entrepreneur, woman and a mom.

These are the issues that I am deeply passionate about, advocating for and actively trying to contribute to in the positive way in the next 50 years of my life:

1. Support, spread and promotion of Human Rights – all over the world.

2.  Support, spread and promotion of Women’s and Children’s Rights.

3. Respect for cultural diversity, differences of thoughts and opinions, peaceful conflict resolution.

4. Nature Preservation.

5. Elimination of U.S. trade deficit.

6. Promotion of Free Trade.

7. Creation, growth and development of innovative entrepreneurial economies and entrepreneurship.


8. Elimination of domestic violence.

9. Elimination of poverty across the United States.

10. Elimination of poverty across the world.

11. War on drugs, gun violence and wars.

12. Free&conscious market capitalism: economic sustainability and long-term accountability.

13. Limited government with core purpose of protecting its peoples’ health, well-being and security.

14. Environmental sustainability.

14. STEM education for girls.

15. Ethical leadership for girls and boys.

16. Preservation of global peace, environment and ethical, deep purpose and values-driven leadership.

17. Promotion and support of female leadership across the world.



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