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The Major Purpose of My Work That I Do Through:

Turbo-Charging Lives, Unleashing Your Unlimited Potential,
Humane Life™ Nurturing Workshops,
Leading Life-Changing Workshops,
Building, Growing&Nurturing Ethical Deep-Values Driven Leaders,
Researching and Solving Complex Problems and Challenges,

Is for human beings to really believe that they have unlimited positive emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical potential to really live their lives to the fullest and embrace their lives to the fullest and live it with the maximum positive energy, inspiration, hope, deep ethical values and profound engagement with their own lives!

My mission is to inspire and turbo-charge every individual I come in contact with to lead a truly amazing, deep and inspirational, turbo-charged life!

My idea is connected to physics:
Humans Love Change
We Can Be Positively Or Negatively Charged Depending on What Type of Values We Are Driven By: Positive or Negative

Life is never stable yet it can be positive if we are to embrace the full power of positive values, positive psychology and timeless life-enduring ethical values and virtues of human existence – love, hope, peace, inspiration, challenge, opportunity, growth, happiness, respect, responsibility, good citizenship, spiritual strength, resilience, hope, wisdom and so on and so on.

My vision is that when sometime, somewhere in life you will get stuck, will feel down, will feel hopeless, will be on life’s cross roads – for some reason this experience today, your experience listening to my ideas and my thinking, reading my books, articles, my audiobooks, me sharing with you my Humane Growth&Leadership Philosophy – you will remember and you will think – I remember what Elena Aleksandra told us and shared with us and I will use that positive experience, wisdom, inspiration, faith and knowledge to continue to grow in my life. That if I will stuck I know it is temporary and the most important is to keep moving toward profound, uplifting, motivational, inspirational and good goals, dreams, visions that I have for my life.

Take your life plan that we will create during our workshops and hang it in your home – in several places:
in your kids’ bedroom – your parenting and family plan
your bathroom – your health plan
your relationship plan – in your bedroom
your financial plan – in your office
your life plan all over the house.
Look at it everyday for the rest of your life – so you will be constantly reminded that you are living your life on purpose, that you have a deep mission and vision for your life and that your live and guide your life by timeless deep ethical values and principles.

My success of being here today and continuing building and nurturing relationship with you, inspiring, uplifting and turbo-charging your life will come when you will be somewhere in the end of your life. Because my main goal is for you to feel satisfied and fulfilled when it will be time to say goodbye to everyone.

I want you to feel that you lived your life filled with positive, ethical deep driven values of love, kindness, health, respect, peace, hope, unity, trust, collaboration, prosperity, abundance, creativity, intelligence – gracefully, intelligently with dignity and honesty.

I want you to truly feel that your life’s journey was worth it.

That when you will be looking back – you will say I truly gave all I can to those around me, to myself, my family, my spouse, my children, my parents, my friends, my colleagues, my team members, my partners, my community, my church, my nation – I realized my positive potential to the maximum.

I want you to have absolutely no regrets.

I want you to be remembered as absolutely positive, respectful, smart, intelligent, ethical leader of your own life and the life of others!

My job done will be when you will call me and say Thanks For Helping You Realizing Your Best Potential Ever!

With Love,
Olena Elena Aleksandra Fomina



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