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10 Reasons Why You Must Be An Entrepreneur

If you find yourself holding all or some of these entrepreneur qualities - you must be one of them - or someone who is ready to launch and join the league of successful world-renown entrepreneurs. My boyfriend is one of the most successful entrepreneurs I've ever met. He amazes me on

Become An Entrepreneur!

You need to be an entrepreneur. You do and if you are already - become the best and the most awesomest you can possibly be! Entrepreneurs create jobs - for themselves and the world around them, they create products, services and solutions that bring a tremendous amount of value to the world

Life. Passion. Growth.

Have you ever, sometimes or often feel this incredibly strong feeling of admiration, appreciation of something, someone? Love, passion, high-energy, attraction, desire to grow, flourish, become, create and do so many amazing things? And I am not talking about lust or physical attraction - only about strong spiritual energetic fountain of life that

Stay Committed To The Most Important

Everyday we all go through millions of thoughts, words and actions. Aimed at what? Positive growth, expansion of our world, freedom, knowledge, wisdom and ultimately our lives. When I go through the day, I catch myself often on how many blessings I have in my life and how much I deeply treasure and