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What Does It Mean To Be “Turbo-Charged”

You Can Create The Life of Your Dreams You Can Watch Slowly How Your Life Passing You By or You Can Proactively Choose To Build The Life You Want. You Are Choose - Choose Wisely! Elena Aleksandra #LetsGetTurboCharged™? #StayTurboCharged™? What does it mean to be a turbo-charged human being? It is living with full attention and intention - everyday

7 Essential Qualities of Authentic Leaders

Here is 7 Key Qualities of Authentic Leaders in my view: #1 Deep Ethical Values-Driven Leadership Style: these necessary deep ethical-values drive their behavior in every area of their lives. #2 Strategic Long-Term Vision:  authentic leaders have a unique ability to see 50 to 100 years ahead of them. They have a crystal-clear