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It’s Official: 60dB Joins Google

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It is official – from today!


Today – on November 10th 2017 – 60dB officially shuts down its operations and joins Google’s team. The team announced this news on their website, their post on Medium and Facebook page.

The podcast app started 2 years ago at Tiny Garage Labs with “a big, audacious goal to completely re-imagine news, sports and other talk radio for the mobile, digital age”.

Company founders had really deep goals for their product:

For consumers, they “imagined a different kind of listening experience. One that featured timely, personalized stories on the topics they cared about, that kept them up to date, was available everywhere they wanted to listen, with a product experience that was optimized for the times when they listened — while their hands and eyes were busy”.

And for the content creators, Tiny Garage Labs folks: “Imagined an ecosystem that allowed niche shows to find audiences and facilitated deeper connections with listeners. One that provided data insights to drive better storytelling, measurability for advertisers, and that could support a variety of monetization models beyond advertising”.

What can I add?

Deep, profound, thoughtful goals for an interesting startup!

Their digital product was available on different platforms – iOS, Android, the web, Alexa, Android Auto and CarPlay.

Apparently, 60dB built a CMS and were delivering listening data to the content partners. The team worked with 80 media institutions and produced over 700 of audio stories – mostly newsy interviews with journalists. Also, they produced original reporting and commentary, sometimes co-produced with public radio shows and podcasts, curated collections of diverse viewpoints on the news of the day.

After acquisition apps will be going away, but great stories are available on the Medium website as an archive. (Click on the link to the left if you would like to listen to it)

Founders John Ciancutti, Steve Henn & Steve McLendon came to the conclusion that to accomplish their goals they will be better positioned joining someone “with scale who shared their vision for what was possible with digital audio”, as they wrote in their post on Medium. Of course – Google can help them scale and it is for sure has resources to help them out in every way! Good luck, folks and looking forward to hearing again from you soon!

What are your thoughts? How do you think Google will this newly acquired startup asset?

This news originally were reported by TechCrunch and Business Insider in their own way. (Click on the highlighted links if you would like to read more about it at those sites.)

Image Source: Medium Corporation 



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