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We may not be able to prepare the future for our children,


but we can at least prepare our children for the future.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

I don’t know about you – I hope so that you like me –  love learning, growing, discovering new things, understanding the world better and improving yourself and your world.

I think it is mother’s voice inside me – the builder, the nurturer of life. Though, men for the most part of them – too – are builders and nurturers of life. I love men. I come from a family of good men and I am proud of them.

Life can’t exist without both sexes – so we are forever connected! We both – want to build and nurture life.

Sometimes, often actually as Judith Orloff points in her audiobook: “Emotional Freedom and Emotional Practices”  – our emotions can rob us of our own life.

Have you noticed and became aware of the inner voice that is talking inside your head often, sometimes – since the minute you wake up and get up from  bed?

There actually two of them – the good and the evil, the one – wants to be good, the other – is pessimistic, sarcastic, fearful, greedy and quite scary. The one that notices good weather and bad weather. The light one though is the one that loves learning, creating, exploring, doing good, thinking good and being good, sharing the love, spreading peace, happiness and well-being.

Often the other voice is the voice of doubt,  harsh judgement, criticism, anger and everything connected to danger, negativity etc.

It is for real.

It is.

I know it from personal experience of my own little voice inside me and the voice of others around me.

Seth Godin talks about it a lot in his books. He is really nice dude. He promised to have coffee with me. I have decided – I will after I make my first billion&fly to the outers space&back on Virgin Galactic;)

So, we will have what to talk about! Right? And maybe share with you too – our authentic conversation!

I love authenticity and honesty! Seth talks a lot about it in his books as you can see below and on his blog.


You know when you are around people they often say listen to what not being said because often – it is the most important.

What not is being said.

Markets love to create this illusion of happiness. I noticed.

Like drinking some famous soda drink will make your life fun and friendly. Today I watched a short commercial of it Youtube.

Nice branding, nice art work, settings, people, ideas, concept and stuff like that.

It is call the all mighty power of marketing and capitalism – making the right associations in your brains to connect certain buttons in your head and influence you in the right way.

I admire the business of this soda company, the way it was built and stuff like that but I don’t think it is healthy for you to drink.

The choice is always yours – after all.

And probably you will say to yourself – little bit doesn’t hurt, I drink it – once in a while.

Well, lots of folks in America – drink it as a water.

Actually, soda now is a new water. Don’t believe me?

Come into any small convenience store and you will find 25 + probably different kinds of soda drinks and beers yet will barely will not find any good sources of water.

I have noticed that.

I also noticed Pepsi vending machines almost everywhere.

Most of the filled with soda and plastic water bottles.

Makes sense but not for your health. Remember that.

Plastic is horrible polluter. Unless it is non-toxic for you and environment. Which I am not aware of. Maybe you are – let me know.

It is also very bad for your health and the health of your daughters. Check out lots of things about BPA.

The recent book I was reading recently called “Girls On The Edge” by doctor Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D. where he talks a lot about the current pressures that exist in the girls environment and he specifically points about environmental toxins that influence extremely early puberty in the United States (like girls getting bras at 8(!!), starting their periods early) due to many environmental toxins that exist in our environment and specifically plastic bottles.


So, be careful and watch for your health out there – the industrial machine of capitalism which I do prefer more over any other systems and talk a lot about it – also has its own consequences and lots of them.

The good news though is that we becoming aware of all of this due to the hard work of researchers and scientists who research and tell us about the dangers that exist in our environment.

I believe I have learned so much about it lately that I must write a book about my research on environmental health and get my word spread out.

Hope You Had a Great Day!

Always Supporting You In Everything Great That You Do!





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