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Coding Resources – Learn To Code!

That’s it. We officially starting a daily regular coding/programming with Sofiia.

I am.

She will.

Especially, if we are to raise next generation of girls’ billionaires and millionaires – we gotta learn to do it!

The more women are financially independent – the better society is, the freer and more humane!

We desperately need to have “female Bill Gateses” and “Mark Zuckerbergs“:), oh yeah  & “Sergey Brins and Larry Pages” and so on and so on. Oh, yeah and of course – one of my favorites – “Jeff Bezoses”.

Female. Billionaires. In nice dresses and skirts. Like Marrisa Mayer.

Computing is everywhere from hedge funds to trash recycling. Kindergartens to secret government labs.

We desperately need more female tech executives.  (Read WSJ report here to get educated more:) & NYT piece here.)

Are you up for a challenge?

I am!

That’s my educational goal to learn and teach my daughter all I can about computers, programming, its value and importance.

Learn coding and programming to change our lives for the better and use it to succeed in the new highly competitive economy of the XXI century.

Our mission is to learn these amazing tools and technologies to enhance our lives and others. We want to utilize coding skills to create educational apps for others.

Recent, Google’s support helped me make my mind.

Statistics tells for itself.

Only, very few girls are interesting in careers in computer science and math. Yet, most of the things in the world now – begin at the screen of the computer – from the next skyscraper design to rocket building, car design and next hedge fund trading to billion dollar asset management and next big invention in medical field and science engineering.

Programming and computer engineering is everywhere and in every industry.

I love, Google for this. For their support and their understanding of girls, their value and leadership potential of every girl in America and the planet Earth.

Here is my top resources to start coding:

#1 Learn To Code

#2 CodeAcademy

#3 Girl Develop It

#4 GirlsWhoCode

#5 LadiesLearningCode

#6 BlackGirlsCode

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