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Eat At Non GMO Restaurants

GMO is everywhere – even in your restaurants.

In case you don’t know the ill effects about GMO.

Look below:

medium_8445803557 (1)

Almost 80% of food you consume in the USA is GMO.

GMO is linked to:

#1 Rising Food Allergies

#2 Cancer Risk

#3 Widespread Organ Damage

#4 Premature Death

#5 Infertility

#6 Birth Defects

They hide under common names food ingredients:

Vegetable Oil

Canola Oil

Cooking Spray


All Soy Products






Crookneck Squash

All Natural

Antiobitic Free

Free Range Dairy/Meat which all fed 100% GMO grains

Farm Raised Fish (fed 100% GMO grains because they are cheaper:)

Thankfully, there non gmo restaurants all around.

Hopefully there are resources available to help you find your Non GMO food sources.

Here is my little list to help you find non gmo restaurants:

#1 Eat Well Guide 

#2 Local Harvest

#3 Organic Restaurants

#4 Non GMO Restaurants

#5 Organic Highways




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