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You are Human Before Everything Else

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
Chinese proverb























Remember that you are human before you are everything else.

Your humanity and your deep, ethical human values come before everything else.

You, like me and everyone else on our big 7 billion + planet share the same basic needs – to be loved, feel loved, cared, appreciated and supported.

Our basic human values of love, belonging, sharing, hoping are  what binds us together to one another.

It does not matter where you live, where you came from, what religious/political/cultural/philosophical affiliations, believes you have –

you are human first of all.

You have a beautiful heart, mind and soul that was born beautiful and complete, innocent and full of wonder, magic and dreams.

You was a baby once, a child full of so much happiness. You did not know – sorrow, sadness, regret and guilt.

You was simply full of joy, love, happiness and endless positive energy to explore and experience a beautiful, mysterious, unknown and interesting world around you.

You are still that child – he didn’t go anywhere. He simply got scared a little and had to adjust himself to the limiting world around him.

Remember, you are human first all and that little, innocent child is within you.

That child who loves to make friends, does not doubt, believes in goodness and aspires for greatness and adventure.

You are still that child – open up, explore, adventure and believe in the beautiful world around you.

Let go the doubt, negative judgement and thoughts from your heart.

Believe in yourself once again like that boy and build consciously the life of your most precious dreams!

It is never too late!

Remember to love, help and support everyone on your personal life journey  – you are a part of a bigger whole – our planet Earth, our home.

And remember – you always have my support in whatever good cause you are living for!

Always with Never-Ending Love&Be Safe,




Elena Aleksandra
Sharing with you my journey in inspired motherhood, driven entrepreneurship & sustainable living. Helping you grow - become a stronger parent, professional and an inspired citizen of the world!

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