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10 Must Dos This Winter



Parenting teaches me a lot about leadership.

I know that as a parent I am a leader.

My thoughts and actions  set  a powerful, strong role model  for my daughter.

Everyday I grow as a mom, parent and a leader.

I nurture myself in every area of my life and it helps me to be a better mom, professional and simply a better human being.

Family life needs as much leadership, management and organization as a business life.

It is so important to bond with your loved ones everyday and build a strong, loving relationships that last a lifetime.

There are so many wonderful activities you can do with your family to grow and bond together.

Commit to spending quality time with your people doing meaningful activities as much as possible.

Here is a few for you to do this winter season:

#1 Go for  a family skating rink adventure together – all of you!

Even better – call up all the family  and friends and invite them too!

The bigger the group – the better – more fun and lifetime full of memories forever!

#2 Picture with Santa – A Definite Must.

#3 Candy Hunt in Your Local Community Center.

#4 Attend a Family Christmas Show.

#5 Sleigh Riding.

#6 Christmas Family Movie Night with Hot Chocolate after task #5.

#7 Family Tree Decorating Together.

#8 Christmas Stories before bedtime.

#9 Winter Star Gazing.

#10 Love Calls to All Our Friends and Family worldwide.

Share with me your favorite winter family adventures!

Any ideas, comments – please share!

Always with never-ending Love&Be Safe,




Elena Aleksandra
Sharing with you my journey in inspired motherhood, driven entrepreneurship & sustainable living. Helping you grow - become a stronger parent, professional and an inspired citizen of the world!

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