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1658690_10152597130937468_1421904861_oWelcome Dear,

Welcome on my blog where I connect the dots between parenting, entrepreneurship, global mindset, life-long learning and sustainability.

Those are core topics that my life is centered on.


#1 Parenting

We start our lives because of our parents and we end our lives as parents. Being a parent is a worldview. It is the role of protecting, nurturing the future of humanity. It is the most important role we all have ever possess. How we parent has more influence on the outcome of our societies than anything else. Parents nurture and grow future Presidents, Head of States, CEOs, Innovators, Scientists, Artists, Writers and Peacemakers. Thus, the purpose of my writing on parenting is to strengthen the role of parents worldwide, nurture parents and empower them to be the best they can be, to connect more to their children and influence them in a positive way. Our parents are our biggest role-models. Who they are and what they do – influences – who we are and what we do, how we think and who we ultimately become in life. After I became a parent my life have changed – 360. I connected more to the world and started to think about the future of humanity – in decades rather than years.

#2 Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is that powerful source that helps our societies flourish. All great inventions in the world are pretty must useless if they are not paired with all mighty power of entrepreneurship and marketplace. We grow and thrive as humans due to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs to get on board and solve our problems and provide us with tangible and intangible goods, services and solutions to change and improve our lives. Entrepreneurship is at the core of everything that we do. It grows economies and creates  opportunities for human potential to flourish. I truly believe that entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking is a golden key to unlock potential of every human being on Earth! We need to start teaching it from diapers or so – or at least from the preschool already.

#3 Global Mindset

It is so essential to have a truly global mindset nowadays and hold timeless precious human values of ethical leadership, deep understanding, honesty, self-respect, respect for others, dignity, tolerance, responsible citizenship, personal accountability and peace. In out multicultural and diverse worlds we need more folks with global mindset who will fight injustices, prejudices and all kinds of forms of abuse and discrimination.

#4 Life-Long Learning

Knowledge turned into wisdom is the best way to grow yourself in every area of your life. We will never be able to master everything – but what we should learn everything we can and continue to do so -for the rest of our lives!  We should use it to benefit one another and our world. Life is about learning and growing for a lifetime. It is beautiful, wonderful and extraordinary experience. Commit to life-long learning, expanding your horizons, using your knowledge to help yourself and the world around you.

#5 Sustainability 

Sustainability in our thinking and our actions should go hand in hand in our daily lives. It is the keys to grow our economies all around the world with the complete goal of manufacturing with zero percent waste and living fully without damaging the environment around us. It means thinking sustainably, living green, embracing sustainable mindset, living, habits, actions in our personal and professional lives.

I also write about other important topics – never ending love,  pursuit of happiness, eco-friendly life, abundance in the world of limitless opportunities – in the world where anything is possible and nothing is impossible.

This blog documents my growth journey and reflections in inspired parenthood, driven entrepreneurship, life-long learning, ethical global mindset, eco-friendly living and sustainability.

Why Elena Aleksandra?

I was named after my grandma – Elena, which has a Greek  origin from the name Greek ‘Ελενη (Helene) and supposedly it stands for “Light”. Aleksandra is after my dad – Aleksandr which also has Greek origin from “Αλέξανδρος”  and stands for  “Defender of the People”. Symbolically, Elena Aleksandra stands for defending the Light Part of Humanity.

I am passionate about growth! My growth, your growth and the growth of the world around us.

My personal mission is to inspire you for the unlimited growth in every area of your life too!

I love people, humanity, United States,  technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.

Also, I read a lot both for my personal and professional development.  Thus, you will find lots of excellent book reviews that I will share with you. If you like the reviews and the books you are very welcome to purchase them. I love books as you can see:!

Read All You Can!Your Brain and Your Life Need That Like Water and Air!

I believe in your potential! I believe you are capable of to do and achieve amazing, beautiful, profoundly good things in our world!

Join me on our mutual growth journey!

So come back and check in here often!

Of course – stay connected to me – via this blog and the social media – facebook, twitter, youtubepinterest, flickr, instagram, stumbleupon, myspace, tumblr and who knows what else they will create soon! 🙂

Always with Never-Ending Love, Support and Cheers in Everything that You Do! Be Safe,





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